Saturday, May 12, 2007

Sooji Ka Garma Garam Halwa

Serves 4
1 cup Semolina (rawa/sooji, roasted)
2 cups Almonds (blanched & peeled)
1 and a 1/2 cup Desi Ghee
2 cups Sugar
1 cup Milk
Saffron(Kesar)a few strands
1 tsps Green Cardamom Powder(Hari Ilayachi Powder)

1. Take a pan and heat a cup of Desi Ghee.
2. Now pat dry the blanched almonds.
3. Keep aside around twenty almonds for garnish and grind the rest to a coarse powder.
4. Add almond powder and sauté over medium heat till golden.
5. Add semolina (Sooji) and mix well.
6. Add sugar and mix well with almond and sooji in the pan stirring it continuously.
7. Immediately add milk and stir to mix well.
8. Let it cook for eight to ten minutes.
9. Now add saffron and stir again.
10.Continue to cook till the halwa thickens.
11.Add green cardamom powder and stir to mix well.
12.Add one tablespoon of ghee from the top to enhance aroma.
1. Finally garnish with reserved almonds and serve hot.

Enjoy this hot halwa...yummy!!!